Q. How long are your rides and how much do they cost?

A. We offer rides tailored to your needs and schedule, ranging from one hour up to half- and full-day tours. Find details on our Tours page. Multi-day rides are also possible, please contact us at LuckyHorses50@gmail.com for further information and current pricing.

Q. Can you give us a discount?

A. We keep our tours small in order to focus on your safety and a quality overall customer experience, with us you will not be placed in a large group. We are not the cheapest horse riding tour offered in Cappadocia, nor are we the largest ranch, but we hope you understand that our prices have been set in order to help us to earn a living while providing you the best possible ride. Note that we do offer a 15% discount for returning guests! Check our reviews on TripAdvisor to see photos and comments from previous guests about their experience with our small group tours.

Q. What payment types do you accept?

A. Sorry, we DO NOT have a credit card machine, so cash payments are much appreciated! For your convenience, we will accept cash payment in Turkish Lira, Euro, or US Dollars, using the day's current exchange rate.

 Q. Do I need to have previous riding experience?

A. Riding experience is helpful, but not necessary. If you have never ridden before, we'd recommend a ride of 1-2 hours for your first time. Our trails offer a breadth of experiences for riders of all levels. When you arrive for your tour, you will be matched with a horse who best suits your previous experience and skill level. If you have questions before your tour, feel free to contact us.

Q. What type of horses can I ride?

A. Our beautiful horses are a mix of Anatolian and Arabic breeds. Arabic horses are generally larger, though Anatolians are famous for their strength, despite their smaller stature. Irfan is skilled at matching up the temperament of each horse with its rider to provide you the best possible pairing, regardless of your previous riding experience.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?

A. We use English saddles although with advance notice, it may be possible to secure a Western saddle if preferred.

Q. What procedures do you have in place for safety?

A. Irfan calls upon his 17 years as a professional horse tour guide to ensure that riders are comfortable, safe and to keep their ride enjoyable. Helmets are always used by guests and instructions and a safety briefing will be given at the beginning of the tour. However, if at any time you feel unsafe during your tour, we encourage you to speak up!

Q. Are therE Any age or weight limitations?

A. Tours are suitable for riders ages 10 years and older. For younger guests, brief rides around the ranch can be arranged. Riders up to 90 kg (195 lbs) can be accommodated on our horses. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is for both the safety of our riders and the health of our horses as they navigate the terrain, which can be steep at times. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We do not charge a cancellation fee. However, if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, we ask that you kindly give us as much notice as possible so that we may try to fill your spot with other guests.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Covered shoes and long pants are recommended for horseback riding. If you will be bringing your mobile phone or a camera for photos, it would be good to have a pocket, carrying strap, or other means of securing it to keep both hands on the reins! Please leave your valuables stored at your hotel – you will not need any cash with you on the tour unless you’d like a few lira for a beverage along the way.

Q.  What will the weather be like?

A. Find out historic weather information for Cappadocia here and sunrise/sunset times here. Tours are held rain or shine (and sometimes even in the snow!) so please dress accordingly - layers are recommended!